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Hey Doll,

I’m beyond excited that you’re here!

So... You’re looking to do a Boudoir Session?!?
How Scandalous!


Choosing a photographer that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in front of, and excited to work with can be challenging! I know exactly how you’re feeling right now…

  I’ve been there too.

Boudie clients usually come to see me for a few reasons, either to show off their new ink, make a stunning gift for their special someone, feel like a model for the day, or simply increase their confidence.

But one thing is for sure…

Everyone leaves feeling like a  BADDD B. 

Are you a tad nervous just thinking about booking? Yet excited as all hell to see yourself in the most beautiful of ways?!

Most of the ladies that come to me feel nervous at first, because they don’t know what to expect or how a boudoir session works. 

So let me give you the deets so you can put those nerves to rest!

A few things that are sometimes at the back of ladies’ minds when it comes to booking a boudoir session:

“I’m nervous”

“What about my hair and makeup?”

“How exposed will I be?”

“What will I wear?"

“Is my butt gonna be online?”

and the one I hear the most…

“I don’t know how to pose!!!” Lol 

Don't worry, let's break these down a bit.

Hair & Makeup

First off, being pampered loosens you up and will surely treat those nerves. 

Hair and makeup with my professional artist is how we start every session. When you feel amazing it will show through in your photographs. I also want everyone who comes into my studio to feel like a model before, during and after our shoot.


Your comfort is my number one priority.

You get to choose how conservative or risque you'd like to be during your session.

If you're not totally sure at first that's Eh-OK, we can always play it by ear! If you want to, we can always do a fashion-like or beauty session. I create each session to best suit you.


My main focus is to capture you in the most flattering way by showing and guiding you through the poses that compliment you and your body. I’ll even tell you what to do with your hands!! 

Don't worry!!! You don't need to come into the studio knowing ANY poses!!

Privacy - You're in Control

I will never share any of your images without your permission and I will never pressure you to do so.

Alsoooo, the pro photo lab that prints my albums is an all-women production team that assures that your images are handled with care and respect.

Don’t Know What to Wear!

We'll discuss options together before the session either via texting photos or zoom. We will be shooting 4 outfits but definitely bring more to choose from and we can narrow it down from there.

I also have a small but ever-growing client closet that we can take a look at and add to our lineup if you wish, there are definitely a few treasures in there that you might like!

So now that we have a few of the big questions answered...

Let’s chat so that you can get a better idea of who I am, why I do what I do, and what the boudoir sessions are all about.

Andddd if I’m your people… Then I’m DYING to shoot you!


A Bit Abooot My Background & Why I Do Boudoir.

I've been doing photography since I could remember, but I've been doing it professionally for over 10 years now.

I went to the international school, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in 2011 and graduated at the top of my class. When I was there, I focused mainly on fashion and beauty photography but came to realize this wasn't where my heart was. The fashion industry and their unhealthy beauty standards didn't align with my values...


I was someone who struggled with self-image, self-love and confidence most of my life. I didn’t use to love myself and, in turn, settled for shitty men and would put up with a lot in relationships because I didn’t see my worth.  I don’t want others to go through that. I want others to see their worth, their beauty and to shit rainbows with me!  I mean… I still struggle from time to time, but not like I used to. I truly love myself now, I know my worth and I want to help others see their unique beauty, discover their worth and gain confidence in themselves. 

There’s a handful of reasons why I love boudoir.

I love photographing women, I love making people feel powerful and beautiful. I love that I can take my time to focus on the details and create art. With my background in fashion photography, I have the ability to make someone look their absolute best through light, posing, lenses and clothing choices. And, I love that I can make anyone feel and look like a model…

But the biggest push for me to move into boudoir photography

specifically was hearing about so many women’s stories about domestic abuse…

I believe that women who know their worth and feel confident in themselves are less likely to get into or stay in abusive relationships… I just want to help show women exactly just how beautiful, powerful and badass they can be! 

It’s actually the same reason I still offer one non-boudoir genre… and that’s grad portraits. I want the next generation of young women to be empowered and stand their ground and take shit from no man right out of school! 

My Goal For You...

Is for you to wake up every morning and be reminded that you’re not only gorgeous, but you’re a TOTAL BADASS!


Just like positive affirmations. If you consciously say: "Wow, I’m beautiful, strong and powerful" and have that visual reminder of a stunning piece of art hanging up in your bathroom, you’ll feel it and project it. 

FYI: That ART I’m referring to… It's you! A print of your unique and beautiful self being sexy AF from our boudoir session!


The Experience. 

From the moment you book your shoot till the moment you have your beautiful custom album and wall art in hand, you get the bougie model treatment so that it puts you in the right headspace for the session and you feel like a total queen.


Your experience, comfort and how you feel about yourself are just as important to me as the images. 

As soon as you enter the studio, you’ll be pampered with getting your hair and makeup done with a glass of wine. This will bring you from clammy hands and a bundle of nerves to starting to feel a bit more comfortable, confident andddd like the sexy minx you know you are.

During the shoot, walls continue to be broken down as I show you a few poses, we chat a bit, share some laughs and have a bit of a dance party while I’m shooting. As the session goes on, I’ll show you a few images from the back of my camera and you’ll be like DAAAAUUUMMM!!

My favorite part is when you come back to the studio to the ordering appointment to look at your images and I get to see your face light up as you realize just how amazingly beautiful you are. Yes, YOU! Just the way you are RIGHT NOW! 

We have a few options on what type of sessions we can do together...

Something sensual or a bit more risque... I’m honestly game for almost any type of session you have in mind.

I’ve had all sorts of props brought in for sessions... Team Jerseys, Crowns, Chainsaw, Neon Paints, Fire, Skull, Sexy Masks, Handcuffs, and Whips, to name a few...

Whichever way we go with your session, I know you’ll have a fantastic time and the images are going to be soooo beautiful!

Uniquely You.




“Absolutely in awe of how beautiful these turned out! Alicia is truly such an amazing photographer 10/10 recommended! Made me feel so comfortable and gave me direction the entire time which was super helpful. Thank you Alicia!”

- Jordan Carl


"I think that it's important, at any stage in your life, to treat yourself to something that makes you feel beautiful. To give yourself the opportunity to see yourself as the beautiful woman you are, through the eyes of those around you. And I think that's the beauty of boudoir.

So often, we criticize what our bodies look like. We find flaws that often only we see, and we find ways to hide those parts of ourselves from the world in shame. We cover our bodies and hide the beauty that comes with being a female.

Boudoir is an opportunity to celebrate our bodies - instead of finding ways to tear it apart.  I can tell you firsthand, I am NOT a woman who has a lot of self-confidence. I struggle with body positivity and am often my own worst critic in many regards. But Alicia has ALWAYS found ways to make me feel beautiful - extending far beyond the camera lens. She was able to make me feel comfortable and confident, not only with my body, but in my posing as well. Being someone who is just naturally 

awkward she made me feel safe and secure, even when I wasn't quite sure what I was doing was considered "sexy" or not.

Being almost 8 months pregnant now, I can tell you just how much I appreciate the opportunity to look at these photos. The insecurities I felt about my body then, seem so minuscule to the changes happening to my body now. These photos make me appreciate my body in a whole new perspective - the FEMALE body in a whole new perspective. We truly are works of art - and to have someone as talented as Alicia turn your body into exactly that... Well that’ 's just magic.

So, if anyone has been too scared to take the leap - for fear of insecurities getting in the way. I say - please, do yourself a favour - and take the leap. Give yourself the opportunity to see yourself and your body for the beautiful thing it is!"

- Marina Gardner

You See...

You don’t have to gain confidence before you book the session, just book it!

You’ll realize after, that it’s the session that gives you that confidence boost and makes you feel like a total badass.


You'll see...

When you get your images back, you’ll be like DAUMMMM WHO DAT?!



Getting Started


Book The Call.

Book a call with me and we go over everything, answer any questions you may have, and book your shoot. I want to know more about you, your story, your motivation for doing the shoot, what you love most about yourself, and if I need to be aware of any deadlines if it’s for a gift etc.

But the most important of all…

What music do you want to dance to during our session?!


Book The Shoot.

To book, a $249 non-refundable session fee is required to save your date.


The session fee secures your date and includes:

  • Pre-Session Consultation

  • Prep-Guide

  • Wardrobe Advice

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Access to Client Closet 

  • 2 Hours in The Studio

  • Reveal Appointment

  • Photo Editing

Ordering Appointment. 


Images/Albums/Wall Art/Digitals and other products are sold separately and start at $799. 

A week or two after your session, we book an ordering appointment, where you’ll be able to view and select your favourite images and products.

I also offer payment plans that go towards the collection. Either before or after the session.

Whether your goal is to make a jaw-dropping gift, you’ve gone through a change in life that is pushing you to regain your confidence back, or you just want a session to feel like a total goddess, I am sooo here for it!!! And very much looking forward to getting you booked in and showing you how ridiculously gorgeous you ALREADY are!!  


I can’t wait to chat with you and start helping you decide what you will be wearing to the session!!!!!! I'm here to help and guide you with anything you have questions about.

PS. We’re going to have A BLAST! I can’t wait!! Hurry up and book a call already ;) hahaha

Let's set up a call, to get all of your questions answered.

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